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EUROCAN. Automatic feeder for dogs.
• Around 20 Kg of feed capacity (according density).
• You are able to schedule up to 3 servings of feed every day by selecting each time and quantity.
• Battery is Included, to continue providing food, in case of electric power failure.
• If the power supply fails, it maintains the current time and the feed supply during aproximately 5 days.
• The display lets you see selected times and selected quantities. By default, it always shows current time and next supplies.
• Display's backlight allows programming at night or with low light.
• A few seconds before each dose (selectable), it emits an audible signal (beep sound) to let the animal know that is going to receive feed.
• The machine includes a contact for activation of an alarm relay, for the (optional) connection of an external notice.
• Manual dosage is possible (push button activates the supply).
• Calibration of dose weight of the feed, if you use a food not included as market standard.
• Several settings menus to be accessed by the key set by the user.
• You are able to hang the controller on the wall, out of the reach of the animal.
• Possibility of constant level valve for water supply.


EUROCAN. Comedero automático para perros
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