Positioner VK-X100

Code. 8801010058 / 8801010059

• Slave mode (0-10V) or stand alone mode.
• It is possible to connect one or two temperature probes.
• Permits to incorporate one CO2, NH3, humidity or exterior temperature probe to activate the emergency.
• Emergency input, which leads the air inlets to the selected position.
• Anti asphyxia system for the power supply failures includes internal battery.
• Valid percent to avoid the continuous movement.
• Display with backlight 2 x 20 characters.
• Permits to control the battery status.
• Alarm relay.
• Manual control.
• Permits to change the language of the messages.
• Possibility of personalized settings.
• Velocity reduction when approximates to the target.
• Stores statistics.
• Output 0-10V. to control other devices.
• Optionally connection with a PC and Internet access.
• Available version X100-S for farms without power grid (power supply with external battery).


Posicionador VK-X100